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The artwork's photos were taken by Henrik's brother Mikael on a trip to Mount Etna, Italy. "The surreal colours and vastness of the otherworldly landscape really resonated with us," they explain. "Our writing is mostly instinctive, but notions of colour, texture and space are definitely our focus. We often wonder whether our music is for the club or for the living room, perhaps Mount Etna is the true answer.[laugh]"

I went to a gig today

I went to a gig today. My friends were playing. Some people were surprised to see me there because, parallel to this gig, a party was themed around a person I had loved for a long time. I realized I didn't care about him a couple of days ago. That was pretty strange, but that's life; you get unexcited about people. I bought a CD; its design is lovely:

I dislike aggression—any form of it. Several people were slamming very aggressively, which was awkward. All the slams I ever liked are the ones that spread love, not aggression.

I also finished rewatching Silicon Valley for the 5ith or 6th time. I love the series. It inspires me to do something good every time. I went to my brother's. He was asleep, but I woke him up because we had planned to meet.

We had a good time. We watched "Funky Monks" (the documentary about RHCP album "Blood Sugar Sex Magik", a few episodes of South Park, and listened to some great music.

I had thought about not belonging to Armenia for the whole day. I saw lots of faces that were very foreign to me. That was a strange feeling. However, when hanging out with my brother, I started considering getting a mortgage to buy a house and trying to close it relatively early. While a month ago, I was planning to move to the Netherlands. I am unsure what global/long-term stuff I want to do with my life. However, I know what I want to be focused on. And I'm doing well. And that's the main thing, I guess.

There are some people in my life who I value a lot. I think about these people at least once in a while. I don't communicate much with most of these people, I am unsure of the reasons now, but overall I'm fine with that. I feel good because they exist. There is a chance that you're one of these people I am talking about. Thanks for existing <3

I love technology. I don't talk about it often, but I love technology. I am delighted to be born in the internet era. I am grateful to everyone who made the web possible—special kudos to Aaron Swartz for fighting for freedom.

I am noticing lots of characteristics come back to me. I was thinking about working hard and smart. I wonder if I can drop the comfort I have created, at least for some time.

Start doing pushups?


(P. S. sorry for the perhaps unengaging writing style; a stream of consciousness. And I like Blackfield, the band; I think it's underrated)

Peace <3

A Love Letter to Josh Klinghoffer

The first time I listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers was somewhere in 2019. It was a song from their last album with Josh called "The Getaway". I was hanging out in the office with my CEO, discussing the idea of beauty and showing each other stuff we find beautiful. He showed me "Dark Necessities". He wasn't a huge RHCP (or rock music in general) fan, but he found the song beautiful because it was made by people who knew what they were doing and were good at it. After a couple of weeks, I remembered and listened to this song. That day had a massive influence on my future music taste. I loved RHCP! I couldn't listen to anything but their songs and jams for a couple of months; I enjoyed their music each time. Several years later, I still love the band and its music. I'm forever grateful to everyone who contributed to RHCP. After enjoying their music, I started digging deeper into their history as a band. And... I found out that Josh is no longer in the band. He was "kicked off" about the time I started listening to RHCP. 

It was sad to find out that Josh was replaced by John (who replaced John earlier). Even though I'm a big John Frusciante fan, and he's still my favorite musician, I wish he and Josh to start hanging out again because one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever listened to is them jamming together:

It sucked that two of my favorite musicians who were friends and were making music together no longer even talked to each other. However, this meant that Josh needed to work on something new. In 2019, he released an album called "To Be One With You" from his new solo project "Pluralone". It was pretty good but not something I kept returning to many times. After that, he released an album called "I Don't Feel Well" and... It's just perfect. I didn't manage to dive into it before, but a couple of days ago, I decided that it was time for me to listen to some of Josh's music finally. The album was great. I sent a message to about 10 people from my contacts containing a single YouTube link to "The Night Won't Scare Me":

It's perhaps my favorite song from the album. However, I love the whole album, and every single song has my like on Spotify:

When listening to this album, I felt almost the same way I did when listening to American Football's "American Football" for the first time. And I love that album! They aren't my favorite midwest-emo band, but that's for another blog post. 

Anyway, one of the people I sent the song to was my friend Yevgeny, a Dot Hacker fan. Josh sings and plays guitar and keyboards there. I didn't dig that deep into "Dot Hacker", but I already listened to one of their albums, "Inhibition", which is an awesome album! Besides the genius music, Josh seems like a very good guy if you listen to some podcasts/interviews with him. 

In conclusion, I love Josh and think he's a genius. His music is very peaceful. The Getaway is an amazing album. Pluralone is great. I'll listen to more of his stuff in the future and maybe write another blog post about him. 

Some links:

Peace <3