I geniunely believe I'm capable of changing the world

As strange as it may sound, I do believe it. Although I don't yet know precisely how or why, I am certain that it is something that is deeply important to me. I'll either do it or die trying, I guess.

Peace :)

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No, you wont. You’re not competent, skilled or smart enough to even make dent. You’ll be side tracked by your impulsive decisions, and you’ll be a prisoner to your own emotions. People that you’re surrounded with are worse than you and you’ll become just like them. At the age of 35 you will be so tired of failing that you’ll start thinking about ending it all because everything you started, touched or came in contact with got ruined. Take my advise and end it now before it is too late. -Capit
Hi, Capit. Thanks for reading my blog post; I appreciate it! > everything you started, touched or came in contact with got ruined. Does that mean that your life will be ruined if I reply to your comment, which I just did, if you can read this? (-.-)y-°°° – fperson
You would wish that you had such power. All that you will bring to ruin will be merely an accident and “unintentional” and would hurt your close ones and loved ones the most, not your enemies or foes. You will treat your enemies better than you treat your loved ones because you’re so afraid that you’ll piss your enemies off and they will come after you but you’ll be careless with your loved ones. You do not have enough integrity to even have real enemies. I am your only “enemy” but again I am only stating facts and predicting your future life. My duty is to warn you what lays ahead so you can end it all together sooner. -Capit
Thanks for your reply; it's interesting to follow this thingy :) Anyways, I'm not gonna commit suicide if that's what you suggest I do ;) Wishing you a nice day and good luck with your life! Peace
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