All you need is determination

To my good friend V.

I think all you need is determination. So go find that, and you'll be alright. Probably, not at the moment. And there will be lots of obstacles and stuff. But as long as you're determined, you'll be fine. I don't know the steps necessary for that. I have no idea what will drive you, but I believe there's such a thing, and you need to find it.

This obviously is easier said than done. And that's perfectly fine. It's the same with all the good stuff in this life. But as long as you stick to what you believe in and trust yourself, you'll be rewarded.

I understand it's a weird period. It's okay to feel unsure or lost at times. But that's life; everyone has lots of weird periods in their lives. Trying to fight them is pointless, so you should embrace the weirdness because that's how you discover new stuff about yourself. Stuff that could fundamentally change you for the better.

I genuinely believe you're up to something great. And it's up to you to make it.